Tskhvediani Yulia, «Lost in the chapters»
Tskhvediani Yulia, «Lost in the chapters»
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Tskhvediani Yulia, «Lost in the chapters»

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Об авторе: Yulia Tskhvediani

Год издания: 2021

ISBN 978-5-4469-1841-6

360 страниц, 213x153x25 мм, 532 гр, твердый переплет, цветные и черно-белые иллюстрации


Yulia Tskhvediani has a background in economic planning and holds a doctorate in economics. She started writing several years ago, and her literary endeavors have not passed by unnoticed. Tskhvediani has been invited to participate in the Educational Bridge Project's twenty-fifth and twenty-sixth annual Russian-American Festivals in Moscow and Boston.
Whatever Tskhvediani is writing about - love and disappointments, the destinies of her characters, her childhood, or her numerous travel adventures - her work is permeated with sincerity, kindness, irony, selfreflection, and joie de vivre. The author is an astute observer of our occasionally paradoxical reality.
Tskhvediani is especially grateful to the two people who helped her most in writing this book: her husband, Alexander Babkov, and her friend Levon Babayan.


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